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Selecting an experienced SEO company is something that needs to be undertaken carefully and almost requires a strategy in itself. SEO Companies that are bigger are not necessarily better, the guys with the most experience often have worked in competitive SEO niches at a corporate or affiliate level. Specialist skills sets can be found as much in small SEO companies as they can be in large established firms. The key difference being that one wont carry the overheads and exec salaries.

SEO companies have the task of getting your site into a format that enables you to do better business. There is an initial check-list of items that your website needs in order to get and convert visitor traffic optimally.

This website check list includes.

  • Quick load speed
  • Search engines friendliness
  • Problem Solver
  • Simple to keep updated
  • Delivers your message
  • Mobile device friendly
  • Most relevant to the visitor

Marketing is about standing out from the crowd and providing something individualised; that adds value to customers.

Why should internet marketing be any different?

The mechanisms of distribution need to be strategically placed, some may cost money and some may not, some may work and others will crash and burn. Knowing what resources to be employed where and when is key to maximising the revenue returns and your marketing impact.

In every business the why, what, when, where channels are different.

Cape SEO is one of Cape Towns top SEO companies with our partners we are able to execute a number of Search Engine Marketing orientated tasks for clients based in Cape Town South Africa. Our Cape Town offices will soon launch in early 2012 in the Southern Suburbs region of Cape Town and will service SEO and SEM requirements for the entire Western Cape region.

Cape SEO provides professional SEO, PPC and Social Media services to businesses based in Cape Town.